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    Here you can find all rules for the Forums and Website for 4Bit Gaming.


    ‣ No Foul language, Racism, Sexism Or abuse or any kind is tolerated on the 4Bit website and forums.

    ‣ Harassing, spamming and abusing other members either via Forums or PM will not be tolerated.

    ‣ Users must be age 13+ or have express parental permission and/or parental Guidance.

    ‣ Graphic, pornographic, Gambling and shortened URL's are not allowed.

    ‣ Rude, Nude or abusive avatars will be instantly removed and a warning issued to the member.

    ‣ No abusive, Foul language, Racist, Sexist or rude comment is allowed in either your Signature, Homepage, Status Message, Occupation or Custom Title.

    ‣ Files uploaded or linked to within the "Created Content" section must be made solely by the up-loader or you must have express permission from the content creator to upload it to the website.​
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.